Volunteer Help & Sign-Up

For the 2017 season, we need your help running & managing concessions. We will be running concessions and need volunteers for:

- Thursday home JV or Freshman games
- Friday home Varsity games
- Saturday youth football games

We require all families of players to sign up for a minimum of 3 timeslots to help cover all the needs around concessions. Please sign up to cover the games your son won't be participating in.

If you are a Freshman or JV-Only player, you are expected to sign up & help with our Friday night varsity games. If your player is a JV/Vasity "swing" player, you are still required to sign up for a minimum of one Varsity game.

Buy Out Option:
For those families who don't wish to volunteer for whatever reason or who's schedules don't allow it, we are offering a "buy out" option for this season. The buy out option is $210 to opt out of the three required sessions for each family or $75 per session. This money will specifically be hire a replacement to cover your family's shift(s), which we end up paying $70 per volunteer, per game.

Registration will be done through TeamSnap - Volunteer Team

If you haven't recieved an "invite" or you are not on the team yet, please email the secretary:

For any questions regarding sign-ups, to make a Buy Out contribution or if you need assistance signing up, please contact Brad Ashcraft. We greatly appreciate all your help in making 2017 a great season!